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"No professional fee will be charged for discussing your initial questions and concerns" 

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Family law services are provided by John Bena & Associates.                              Divorce, Child Custody, Separation agreements, Child Support
and related issues are difficult and often complex challenge
Informed and compassionate advice can make these decisions
easier. Please call us for a courtesy , no fee, initial consultation


1. No charge initial consultation or first meeting usually one-half hour.
2. Help you with examination of the entire marital and financial relationship. Here is the beginning of a negotiated settlement, preparation for trial or court intervention.
3. Advice on matters of urgent concern, Alimony, Custody, Children Support, Safety, Education, and Welfare.

4. Mandatory disclosure of records including taxes, bank accounts, income, loans and debts.
5. Temporary Motions to protect the status quo paramount and very important as here the foundation of the case is begun.
6. Family Service officer conference and negotiations.
7. Separation Agreements in your best interest

8. Review and define the issues the parties disagree upon.

9. Trial considerations together with selection and preparation of witnesses and experts




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