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    I highly recommend Attorney John Bena III. He was my attorney for a Workman's Comp case which went in my favor for continuing compensation wages and a final settlement. He is very personable, gracious, and meticulous. He keeps you informed by mail and phone if there is any news in your case or if he hasn't heard anything new. Else P.

Attorney John Bena is the ultimate Professional. He is extremely well versed on the materials needed to perform his trade. He is able to communicate on a level that you will understand. He puts you and your case ahead of his personal needs. I highly recommend him. Ronald J.

Mr. John Bena is a very knowledgeable Attorney who works for you 100% and then some. His loyalty to his clients is un compromised .He is very patient with you and explains everything to you in lay men terms you can understand.. I was very comfortable talking to him in al aspects of my case. He made sure that i understand everything before hanging up on the phone or before you left the office. Mr. Bena will argue your case for your best interest. Johns honesty and integrity as a professional is un remarkable. Due to John's professionalism and good judgement we did good. My experience with John Bena, I would use him again. I highly recommend Mr. John Bena for any injury case. He is the best. Thank you John.
Paul S.

I highly recommend Attorney John Bena. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and well informed in both the law and procedure of workers compensation and social security law. He is hard working, intelligent, articulate and extremely committed to both the legal and personal needs of his clients. John's profound interest and understanding of the medical issues and consequences confronting his injured clients is also an important plus. John's years of experience successfully representing his clients against the largest insurance companies makes him exactly the right person you would want to represent you if you are injured. Neil K.

John is the most dedicated and hardest working attorney I've ever known. I've discussed business with John as late as 10:00 p.m. and on many Saturdays & Sunday as well. John's not concerned about business hours, but at accomplishing a job. His work ethic is what sets him apart. That work ethic drives him to be meticulous and thorough which leads to him being prepared. Any professional in any field will tell you that this is the biggest factor in winning. Another great attribute with John is that he includes you in the whole process. You're part of a team. John wants you to be in involved and he listens when you talk to him. I've worked with other attorneys who just want you to stay out of the way and don't want any input. But this 25 year veteran and specialist knows better. With his work ethic, dedication, and experience, I feel that John is the best in his field. Contact John Bena III to fight for you !Zane B.

 "My husband and I couldn't have picked a better attorney to represent us. John Bena was so informative about everything in our Workers Compensation case from the beginning to the very end. He educated us on what the insurance company was going to do before they even did it so that we could prepare financially and mentally. He guided us through each step of the way with his expertise. When it came time to settle John Bena got us exactly what we wanted. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Satisfied Clients Gary & Tricia L"

"Attorney John Bena III is very professional and competent in many areas of the law, especially worker's compensation and social security disability. He is very thorough and keeps clients informed throughout the various stages of their case. I highly recommend him.  Sarah B"


" Honest, reliable, professional; my case had many challenges which I could only have had a professional with years of practice under their belt. Mr. Bena III, conducted himself as a true professional and is even willing to take late calls if his clients need him. It's very difficult to find an attorney that's honest and folks here he is, I would recommend him over the other attorneys in the area, do you research and remember when the road gets bumpy Mr. Bena III will take your call even after 6pm. John P."

To whom it may concern,

 “Three years ago my husband was in a trucking accident. He tore the bicep tendon in his arm due to faulty equiptment. We hired a lawyer who did nothing, and then I heard about Attorney John Bena from another associate. I found John to be not only a nice person but a very aggressive and thorough lawyer. John kept us informed of everything that he was doing with my husband’s case plus was willing to answer any phone calls that I made in regards to how the case was doing. He never put us on hold and I believe that he touched bases on all matters that pertained to my husband’s case. All in all I would recommend Attorney John Bena to anyone who needed a good lawyer."      With Best Regards, Kathy S.



“Attorney John Bena, where do I start? He has made me a believer in the court system. His knowledge and understanding of the Workers’ comp system is totally outstanding. He holds Nothing back, good or bad. I would recommend Mr. Bena to represent anybody needing a Workers’ Comp Attorney. Many thanks to John Bena, my wife and I are very greatful!!”

Richard G.






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