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Injured individuals often qualify for more than one source of disability compensation. If your doctor expects that you will be totally disabled for a year or more, it may be advisable for you to consider filing an application for Social Security Disability benefits. The application process is time consuming and tedious, however, Social Security can provide additional funds for people with long-term disabilities. Social Security conducts what is described as a "sequential" analysis of your disability status. The rules for conducting this analysis are complicated and legal counsel can be invaluable in reviewing your case in light of the most recent disability guidelines. After filing an application with Social Security, you will be advised of the initial action taken on your case. If you do not receive a fully favorable decision, paying you the correct amounts of all money due, you must request and file a timely appeal/request for reconsideration or request for hearing of the unfavorable decision. Eventually, the process will result in the scheduling of a hearing (assuming you have filed all necessary appeals and requests for consideration). At the hearing level, it is important to have the assistance of experienced counsel, so that you can put forward the most favorable medical exhibits and legal arguments qualifying you for Social Security. If you are employed by a municipality or other "public employer", you may be entitled to apply for additional disability benefits, including a disability based retirement. 

No professional fee will be charged for discussing your initial questions and concerns.

Attorney Bena has a state-wide disability practice and will meet with you locally for all necessary in person meetings.

For more information and questions about Social Security, use the Social Security link below.

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